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Hey everyone!! Not sure what to make for lunch or dinner? Try this Nem Nuong recipe. Nem means sausage or any type of meat dishes made from ground meat. Nuong means to grill. This is a bit of a misconception because we did not grill our Nem, and most people will opt for frying as well. It's understood that when you say "Nem Nuong" it will have these flavorings, but you can choose to fry, steam or oven bake them. Either way, they are great with noodles, salads, rice, and so many other things. It's a great meat to have with any starch/grain!

Nem Chua Recipe: http://bit.ly/18kxJvv

Recipe Approximately 10 Servings:
3 lbs. of Pork lean or fatty
1 bag of Roasted Rice Powder (3 oz.)
1 tbs. Baking Powder {I keep saying baking soda in the video, I really mean baking powder}
1 tbs. Ground Pepper
1 tbs. Sugar
½ tbs. Salt {or to taste}
1/8 cup of Star Anise
4 tbs. Water
1 Garlic
1½ cup of Rice Cooking Wine
Red Food Coloring

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