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Grilled Chicken Preparation
Chicken Mangal Sauce and Cooking Recipe
Materials for 4 people chicken barbecue
1 whole chicken , materials needed to marinate
1 tomato 1 onion , half a glass of milk , half a glass of cola
1 spoon yoghurt , liquid sunflower oil and olive oil
pepper paste thyme, cumin, pepper flakes, salt, black pepper
crushed garlic 2
chicken barbecued kebab, marinated sauce for flavor and chicken barbecue in charcoal , four items of sufficient material
one whole chicken , tomatoes and onions should be shredded
one tomato and one onion
If you want to crush meat pieces, you need to use the bag in detail
thyme, pepper flakes, black pepper and a little crushed garlic
 small amount of milk and small amount of cola
 liquid sunflower oil and olive oil to be used
black pepper and salt , a spoonful of yogurt
firstly I will show the chicken uniformly and uniformly
Cut the poppin and throw it , cut the wing tips
cut the center of the wing and place a scratch on the center with a knife
 locate the joint and cut the wing arm through the joint
with your hand to find the joint of the butt part
As you see, the joint bone appears this way
divide the back of the chicken with hand
press this piece and cut it in half with a knife
it is necessary to open the butt part and make it fit to the grill
I will prepare it in two shapes, boned and boneless
this piece will be shaped like a bony butt
this piece will be in the form of boneless butt and we will use the bag
cut a transparent bag with a knife
you can use a small and thick saucepan to do this
place the chicken meat on the hard floor and cover it with the bag
make light strokes and let the meat open
you have to hit it all the way to expand the piece
you can prepare the chicken whole in this way and it will fill the plate easily
Remove the chicken ribs
I do not recommend barbecue because the breast portion is lean.
take a chest to fry the chicken breast in oil and keep it for later
we will find and separate the ribs
you can find joints by hand-checking and your work will be easier
we will use materials for barbecue
other parts of the barbecue except for the chicken breast part
I think fifteen pieces of chicken are sufficient for four people
you have to prepare a sauce to make marine and taste
one onion and one tomato
peel the onion and split the tomato in half
you can easily grind half tomatoes like this
shrimp onion , add grated tomatoes and onion into a deep bowl
add a spoonful of yogurt , add milk and cola
add liquid sunflower oil and olive oil , add salt
If you want to adjust the salt rate well, add salt to the chicken
add black pepper , Add spices of thyme, cumin, pepper flakes
add some crushed garlic , add some pepper crust
materials are ready and need to be mixed thoroughly
add chickens mixture , chicken pieces can wait a day in this mixture , it will be ready to cook and wait in the ice-cup
now we go to the stage of cooking the mangal and cooking the chickens , , it will be easy to burn barbecue coals like this
first use easy-to-burn materials
use egg roll, pine cone and a little piece of wood
place the coals on top
Place a can in a chimney shape to accelerate the fire
warm up and clean the grill after the grill is ready
You can use a little grease napkin or grease cloth on the grill
you can do this with chicken skin
chicken barbecue fire will not be too high
it is important to increase the flavor of slow cooked
place the chickens in the grill
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the chickens are ready to cook on the grill and place on the barbecue
peppers and tomatoes can be cooked on demand
skinned parts may burn a little quick
 the chickens are pushed and ready, there is a fire that can cook a grilled chicken like this
release the chicken pieces by hitting the grill a few times
 you can serve it as a plate on the table or separately-separately
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