SPIDER-MAN The Original Movie Suit – Top Quality Replica Costume by SpideyPlanet   3 years ago


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Here’s my latest work! I’ve been working for the past 6 months on improving the spiderman costume. The most important change I made to the suit is the fabric and the printing process. The costume is now printed on the exact same fabric they used for Tobey’s costume in Spider-Man 2 & 3. The printing technique used is also identical and both the red and blue fabric’s colors are enhanced after printing by fabric dye. Notice how bold and bright the colors are on this suit.
The face shell has also been updated, but that’s nothing new. I keep improving the design I’m at version 15 by now. And there’s more to come, just have a look at minute 12:18 see what’s on the blue cupboard behind spiderman and let me know in the comments what you think it is!

You can buy the 3d printed face shell in my shapeways shop:

At the very end of the video I made a few shots using an original muscle piece that was screen worn in the movies. My friend El Fett is working on a full body muscle suit replica that can be worn underneath the spiderman costume. Check out his work on instagram: el_fett. I’ll be making a video with his muscle suit soon!

More videos of the spider-man suit on my channel:



If you find that any of these links lead to movies that have been removed, let us know in the comments and we’ll swap it out for a new film.

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