Beef Roast All Carrot Stuffing And Mashed potatoes Recipe by Recipes Chef Salim   2 years ago


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Potato mash and beef roast recipe
carrot beef roast to be detailed in this video
materials used
the amount of food that will be done here will be enough for 50 people
5 whole roast beef to be used
smooth and hard carrot
liquid sunflower oil
paste tomato paste and hot pepper
1 cup garlic
a few small onions
salt and sugar
 wheat starch
a long blade is needed
potato for mash
500 grams of margarine
1 liter milk
to use a thick saucepan and a large saucepan to roast
There are only 2 pieces on the back of the beef roast beef
it can not be said that it is very soft, the cooking time takes a lot of time
First, peel and prepare the carrots
cut end parts
knife in the middle of the roast
place the whole carrot in the middle of the roast,
it must be firm, it must be tight so that when roasting the carrots the roast will not come out of it
place the garlic on the outside of the roast
If you do not want to put garlic, you can make it without garlic
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roasting preparation is now being passed to the cooking stage
We will cook roast for 5 hours but we will fry it before cooking
shoot the gold of the large tencer and add the liquid sunflower oil into it
a piece of meat is added to understand that the oil has warmed
Add roast beans to warmed oil and fry for 2 minutes
turn the fried side and fry every amount of veal roasts in equal amounts
remove the fried calf roast and clean the tanned flax
add liquid sunflower oil
Add tomato and pepper paste tomatoes
stir the shake
add a little black pepper and boiling water
add beef roast and cook slowly for 5 hours
Close the door and bring the fire to the lowest level

be prepared for roast potatoes until roasted
potatoes must be peeled and washed
add potatoes to pot and add boiling water
roast continues to cook in the meantime
the potatoes were pounded in 1.5 hours and ready to be mash
The excess water is taken with this method
add salt and sugar
add margarine
mashed with whipped corn
add cold milk and adjust its consistency
add a small amount of milk if you want it to be solid
the onions are peeled and added to the water near rostolar cooked
Add salt and sugar after 4 hours
add peeled onions
Check with the fork that the veal roast is cooked
leave roasted in place, then air-cooled for cooling

pass your food through the strainer
dissolve the starch in cold water and add to the boiling food sauce
Boil it a little and get it in consistency
you can chop after the roasted roast is slightly cold
Apparently enough appetizer
large beef rostodan 20 pieces can come out
cut in thinner slices
Placed in a 5-centimeter cradle
you can store the excess food frozen
Prepared sauce is added into beef roast
it will be better if it is boiled a little with the sauce
now I'm going to the presentation stage
 add potato roast
roasted slices added 2 for 1 person
cooked onions and tomatoes can be added
we came to the end of a detailed video recipe for you
thanks to everyone who watched the videos from start to finish and supported me
goodbye to see you in another recipe

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