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"Overall, Cynthia is a clever and atmospheric short horror film which plays around with familiar conventions, making it a little bit different from the norm and well worth nine minutes of your time." - Sean Markey Read the full article here.

"Cynthia" is now an Official Selection of the Winter Film Awards 2015 and will play in NYC February 27th Block 2 4PM-7:15PM 777 Eighth Avenue (at 47th Street), right off of Times Square.

The best way to watch this is to turn off your lights, turn off your distractions so you can hear and see the subtle foreshadowing. Most short films don't do what we did and if that's missed, you may not fully understand the small details that make a greater whole.

A Kaleidoscope Pictures Inc. Production
Written and Directed by: Christopher Wells

Starring: Katie Issel Pitre, Christopher Wells
& Matt Perfetuo as the Devil

Assistant Director: Lucas La Battaglia
Director of Photography: Steve Pitre
Edited by: Christopher Wells
Makeup by: Jessica Mellow
Camera Assistant, Grip, Gaffer: Mark Thyrring
Production Assistant: Nhu Tran

Music by: Dolomedes Threatening
from the album Dark Ambient I -- Filthy Ghetto

"Cynthia," is the story about a man in purgatory who's soul is being condemned to hell by his murdered girlfriend under the gaze of the devil who eagerly awaits.

I was home alone one night and I woke up around 3AM from being really thirsty. I kicked off the blankets and walked into the kitchen, got a glass of water and when I walked back to the bedroom, there was someone under the covers laying on my bed. I froze, I had no idea what I was going to do.

My girlfriend was in Texas for business, I live in Brooklyn, so I knew it wasn't her. I didn't know what to do and whoever it was, was laying very still, as if they wanted me to pull the covers.

After a moment I quickly pulled the blanket off the bed and to my relief it was a bunch of pillows. How my blanket fell like that when I kicked them off me to get something to drink is beyond me.

After a huge sigh of relief, I laid down trying to go to sleep but I was actually excited and pumped up from what just happened. So about every 15 minutes I'd reach over to my iPhone and would right an idea for a script. I was doing this for about 2 hours and when I finally woke up, I realized I pretty much had a script. The ideas poured out of me and it just took off.

The next day I wrote it out, sent it to my DP and started to make it happen.

I hope you enjoy this film, happy nightmares. I will be making more.

Kaleidoscope Pictures Inc. is a Brooklyn based production company specializing in video and photography.

Steve Pitre and I have done a lot of projects together, check out his work at:

Thank you to everyone who watched our film, we really appreciate it. If you want to watch it on the big screen you can do so Feb 27th 777 Eighth Avenue (at 47th Street), right off of Times Square.

Happy Halloween everyone and happy nightmares.

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