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45 Ideas to Seriously Upgrade Your Home Space

1. With peel-and-stick paper that can be easily removed, you can create a charming accent wall in your apartment.

2. Using a simple conversion kit, you can convert your recess lighting into pendant lightening for under $20.

3. With easy to install medallions, you could also upgrade your recess lighting.

4. If you're living a small-kitchen life, you can get an apartment dweller's new BFF with this rolling cart for storage and food prep.

5. ~step up~ the organization of your worn-once-or-twice-but-not-quite-ready-for-the-laundry clothes with this minimalist ladder.

6. While you're not at home, prevent your pups from destructive behavior and help ease their separation anxiety with a baby gate.

7. Everyone will assume you bought this chic and comfortable futon from fancy boutique.

9. With a liquid stainless-steel range and dishwasher kit, you could get the appliances you've always wanted for a fraction of the price.

10. Help transform your giant icebox with a little bit more you can get a liquid stainless-steel fridge kit.

11. With a grout pen that's mold-resistant, you can restore stained grout on your tiled floors and walls.

12. Use a mold, heat and moisture resistant peel-and-stick faux gel tile backsplash to redecorate your kitchen wall.

13. Upgrade you home decor without completely emptying your wallet with a pair of glamorous tripod and globe floor lamps.

14. When you're far for home, you can still rest easy knowing that your place is safe and sound with a nest smoke detector.

15. Bring nature inside with a One-of-a-kind (and responsibly sourced) butterfly objets d'art.

16. Pick a sturdy ottoman that moonlights as a linen closet then you won't have to choose between enough seating for guests and enough space to store all your crap.

17. By securing an adjustable clothing rack onto your floor and ceiling, you could convert any nook, cranny, or shabby closet into an organized oasis without having to drill a single hole.

18. Have Your Tissue Close at Hand with a Cute Tissue Box Cover.

19. Make more room in your closet using a set of brilliant tiered hangers for tops and bottoms.

21. Leave every surface squeaky clean with a natural vinegar spray without leaving a lingering vinegar scent.

22. Hide your unmentionables with a minimalist bamboo hamper that might actually make your room look cuter, too.

23. Update your kitchen without having to do any renovations by swapping your old cabinet and drawer handles.

24. You could make your bathroom look new again by filling them up with caulk sealant to reseal all those unsightly cracks in your tub and tile.

25 Hide the Ugly Light Bulbs with Dome Light Fixtures.

26. Instead of replacing your baseboards, bulk up them using paint and extra trim.

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