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Arbeni Islami a.k.a. Njeri is a man of many interests. A dentist by profession, Njeri works hard to get people to show their whites. As a kid, he fell in love with tennis and skiing, which would become very important part of his life. His "Njeri" initiatives are a series of grassroots activities that include tennis practices, massive public dance parties, snowboarding, and skiing, hiking, photography, information sharing and recently even skating. TennisNjeri, DJNjeri, SnowNjeri, HikingNjeri, and SkatingNjeri were all started in the last decade, with the youth of post-conflict Kosovo in mind. Mr. Islami is at the heart of it all. Currently, SkateNjeri are building the first skate park in Kosovo, while HikingNjeri are preparing to map all hiking trails in the country's mountains.

In this talk "What to do with a tennis racket," he tells that your environment constantly gives you opportunities to do great things-you just have to stay open to notice them.

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